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Initiate an Indelible Journey Toward Your Business World 

Corporate events are the peak time to impress your clients with glamorous entries. There is no better way to showcase an image of success than by arriving in a limo corporate Atlanta. From handling your luggage, opening doors, and arranging red carpet entry with your employees, we can do all for you. Trust Mike’s Taxi and Limo with your big day and make a lasting impression on the client to amplify business. 

Whether you are traveling with a large group of employees or just by yourself, our luxurious corporate limo in Atlanta will help you reach your destination in no time. Our commendable reputation has been built upon the satisfactory service of international, and domestic travelers. The experienced transportation team of Mike’s Taxi and Limousine is ready to make your next travel safe and stress-free. 

Start The Journey With Impeccable Corporate Transport

Your every step in the business world should be elegant and sophisticated. With a commitment to security and excellence, we ensure to embrace high standards of service. Make a lasting impression on clients with the best corporate limo service. 

Extensive Fleet

Considering the unique demands of every corporate event, Mike Taxi and Limo features an extensive fleet including Limousines, SUVs, Sedans, etc. Our fleet of corporate limo in Atlanta includes all-sized vehicles to accommodate from small to large groups. 

Additional Waiting Time 

The business meeting schedule can vary significantly. If the variation occurs for half an hour or less, do not worry. Our customer-oriented and flexible corporate transportation policy offers an additional 30 minutes waiting time so you can leisurely adieu the colleagues and clients. 

Experienced Chauffeurs 

Inexperienced drivers will make you experience the traffic jams, delays, and whatnot to crumble the fun of your trip. Hence, we ensure to designate the driver that makes your process smooth and fun so you can enjoy the journey and still be on time. 

Our certified and experienced chauffeurs have knowledge of every street in Atlanta. With thorough expertise in handling Atlanta’s roads, they ensure to overcome every road barrier and help you reach your destination on time. 


When you are traveling to and from the airport, there is no way you can compromise over time. Hence, our responsible chauffeurs and staff rely on advanced technologies in limo corporate Atlanta to make your trip safe and on time. 

We incorporate a flight tracking system to monitor your flight time and a GPS to tackle traffic problems and other unforeseen hurdles. With weather alerts, mobile communication, and computer reservation, we offer real world travel management solutions in a respectable manner. 

Flat Rate Fee

When it comes to booking a favorite luxury car from the fleet of corporate limo in Atlanta, the bank-breaking charges come associated with it. Are you fed up with hidden charges and the ultimate price hike as you complete the tour? You do not need to worry about charges with Mike’s Taxi and Limousine. We keep the process simple and transparent to avoid surprises. You will only pay for what we agree on the day agreement. 

Why Choose Us? 

From the moment of the reservation to reaching your destination, our team will work diligently to figure out your specific requirements and prioritize your preferences. With high customer satisfaction and complementary services, we take pride in our honest services. Our corporate limo in Atlanta ensures to:

  • Respect the time
  • Offer high security and privacy 
  • Carefully plan low-traffic route 

With the right charter vehicle, we ensure your safety and satisfaction throughout the entire transportation process. Make the statement with your every step by rolling in the crowd in Mike’s taxi and Limo luxury vehicles.

Schedule Your Reservations Today!

Booking a bachelor party limo service in Atlanta is an exciting and memorable way to make an impressive entry at the business event. Mike’s Taxi and Limousine goes the extra mile to exceed your expectations. However, all you need to do is determine your budget, the number of travelers, and the desired car, then our customer service will provide you with a customized plan to fit under your budget. 

With a little pre-planning, you can make your business night unforgettable. Call us today to make direct reservations and enjoy every bit of your business trip.